Game of Speculation: Rumors, actors, Instagram, and what-not.

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It’s a good thing I don’t live in Northern Ireland, because if I did, I probably would’ve quit my job by now to spend all my time skulking around Game of Thrones filming sites, and I might have a hard time paying for food and transportation after a while.

But really, the only drawback would be that I wouldn’t be making money. Everything else would be fabulous.

New stuff from Watchers today!

In Northern Irish news, we’ve heard some interesting rumors from friends there about the filming in the area of Corbet. Apparently there are at least two locations in County Down at the moment- the Riverrun set, and a wooded area being used as well. Our source reports that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was spotted filming a few miles away from the Corbet location recently.

Okay? Umm…if he was shooting outdoors, that’s sort of interesting, but if it was a studio location, that could represent basically any spot in Westeros or Essos. “A few miles away from the Corbet location” doesn’t narrow it down much, but if it was an outdoor location, then Jaime probably had a scene somewhere between King’s Landing and the Wall. Let’s assume between King’s Landing and the Neck. He probably won’t make it any farther North than the Neck just yet. Was there any sign of Jerome Flynn? Any other recognizable actors present?

We’ve heard a rumor that Game of Thrones will be shooting a scene in Ballycastle, County Antrim, sometime this week, in a new location that’s being set up as a graveyard. Filming there is expected to take not very long, possibly only one day. It’s unknown what characters will be involved in the scene.



I’m willing to bet we’ll see Elder Meribald there, with his big gravedigger, but not necessarily interacting with any known faces. Except we’ll recognize the gravedigger as Sandor Clegane. But the short filming time makes me think there won’t be many known characters interacting. We can still see Gravedigger!Sandor at another spot in the Riverlands, though.

Meanwhile, cast members such as Jacob AndersonNathalie Emmanuel, and Michiel Huisman are in Spain (with various sighting photos still popping up in addition to these pics) and preparations are under way in Carboneras, at the Mesa Roldan location, where a scaffolding is being set up at the moment.

Okay, so, Grey Worm, Missandei and Daario will have some stuff going on at the Mesa Roldan setting. Got it. Where’s Tyrion? Is Varys still with him at this point?

They’re also showing this photo posted by Nell Tiger Free:

And I wouldn’t read much into this if I were y’all. Pretty sure Myrcella is good and dead, and she may be appearing in S6 as a corpse, perhaps even a flashback or two, but her time is up. This is an old pic that Nell is only posting now, and we’re not getting any more of Myrcella.

You know what I’m not seeing here? Any evidence of Cleganebowl. I see a faint sign of Sandor reappearing, or perhaps there’ll be some totally different use for a graveyard! But evidence of Sandor reappearing is not evidence of him going to King’s Landing to fight his zombie brother.

What else do I not see? Any evidence for Lady Stoneheart. I see stuff going on in the Riverlands. Which is awesome! But there’s plenty of cool stuff that can happen in the Riverlands without Undead Catelyn Stark. Unless I see clear, high-quality photographic evidence of Michelle Fairley on set and in costume as Lady Stoneheart, it ain’t happening. We’ve got the Lannisters and Freys at Riverrun, we’ve got Jaime and Bronn traveling together, we’ve got the outlaw band terrorizing the countryside, we’ve got rumors of Arya showing up, we’ve got Elder Meribald and probably his big gravedigger. I can make a decent case for Brienne coming through the area with Podrick, and a somewhat squishier case for Sansa being with them. Plenty of cool shit already happening, plenty of trouble for everyone to get into, with or without Undead Catelyn Stark being involved.