Game of Speculation: Have I embarrassed myself yet? How about now?

Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck.

Watchers brings us a fresh round of SPOILERS, or at least some VERY heavy speculation fodder, from Los Siete Reinos. My day = MADE.

Are you muthafuckas ready for this?

From Watchers:

The other major tidbit Los Siete Reinos has to share with us today is that Gwendoline Christie a.k.a. Brienne is filming Riverrun scenes. We last saw Brienne in the North in the season finale. With her headed for the Riverlands, and Riverrun, she seems headed for a reunion with Jaime Lannister.

I may have done a bit of grinning like an idiot at my phone screen on the Metro this evening. Just a little.

In the original Spanish at L7R:

Nos siguen llegando informaciones muy jugosas desde el set de rodaje de Aguasdulces en Belfast, y nuestros cuervos nos han hecho llegar hoy dos revelaciones más que os van a gustar.

Davos estará en la Batalla de los Seis Ejércitos. La que tiene lugar en el Norte y de la que hemos hablado unas cuantas veces.

Brienne estará en Aguasdulces. Tras su periplo norteño parece que la incansable Brienne volvera a las Tierras de los Ríos. Si recordáis lo que os contamos hace un par de días tiene bastante sentido.

I have translated this, with the help of iTranslate for iPad:

Juicy information keeps coming to us from the filming of Riverrun set in Belfast, and our Ravens have sent us today two revelations that you will like.
Davos will be in the battle of the six armies. Which takes place in the North and of which we have spoken a few times.
Brienne will be at Riverrun. After her Northern tour it seems that the tireless Brienne will return to the Riverlands. If you remember what we told you a couple of days ago, it makes enough sense.

Okay, first, small thing: Davos is involved in the great battle in the snow! Which suggests that he somehow cooperates with Melisandre long enough to make stuff happen without killing her. Interesting.

I’d show you all a picture of me squeeing like a mad Monster, but I’m not too happy with how I look tonight, and I’m not interested in devoting time to prettying up, so here’s a picture of Nik and Gwen enjoying each other’s company at the latest Emmys after-party.  I could collect pictures of Nik and Gwen all day and not get bored.

I’d really like to thank the writers at L7R for using such straight-forward, grammatically elegant prose for their news stories. I don’t envy anyone who tries to translate my blogging into other languages.

BUT SERIOUSLY. We have sightings of Brienne at Riverrun! It’s happening! Holy fucking shit, is it ever happening!

Now I want to talk about who hasn’t been mentioned in these articles.

For one thing, there’s no mention of Podrick. Maybe, just maaaaaybe, the writers at Reinos and Watchers consider him part of a package deal with Brienne, and that when they bring up Brienne, it’s understood that Podrick is with her. Maybe? But even so, I would like to hear about whether Daniel Portman is on the scene, because if he isn’t filming scenes at Riverrun, that’s not a good sign. If Daniel Portman isn’t filming along with Gwendoline Christie, it could very possibly mean that Podrick doesn’t live that long. I can make a structural case for Podrick’s death in TWoW, and if he dies in the book, he probably won’t survive the season.

Second: Gwendoline is apparently filming at the Riverrun set, but Sophie Turner is not. The production has done a very, very good job of keeping a tight lid on both Sophie’s and Gwendoline’s scenes so far. I’m aware of Gwendoline shooting fight scenes for three days straight, though I still have nothing on the context of that fighting, and I have no idea what Sophie has filmed so far. I don’t know whether Gwen and Sophie have already filmed scenes together, or whether they’ll do so later. Sue at Watchers is saying that Sophie doesn’t have any GoT filming scheduled for the rest of October or November. Which means Sansa will probably NOT be present at Riverrun. And that’s fine! I’ve said before that I’m open to the possibility of Brienne and Sansa getting together for part of the season but not staying together for very long.

Also, I’d like to know the episode number or director for Brienne’s appearance at Riverrun. If she’s there earlier than Eps 7-8, then she might not stay long enough to meet up with Jaime. Either way, it’s certainly noteworthy that she’s turning up in the Riverlands! But I’d still like to know when this is happening.

All that said? Today I saw an idea that I like, concerning our big Sapphire Islander, going around a certain comment section. The idea is that Brienne goes back to the Riverlands because Sansa sends her down south to look around for Arya. I like this idea! I don’t really have any evidence in favor, but so far I can’t see any evidence against, and it has a lot of explanatory power. Let me share my thoughts.

The scenario I’m picturing is basically that Brienne and Podrick find Theon and Sansa right away, and take them under protection. And they tell our surviving Stark about their encounter with Arya and the Hound. Early-mid-season, Theon gets separated from their party and goes back to the Iron Islands. (We have already established that Theon is going back to the isles.) Perhaps Yara crosses their path, tells her little brother to get his ass home right this instant, and because Brienne and Podrick are keeping Sansa as safe as a fugitive girl ever gets, he goes with Yara without a fight. With the understanding that Theon is heading back to the isles, it makes most sense if the group is already traveling south. With me so far? So, they’re already heading south, Sansa knows her sister is still alive, having already learned about her little brothers from Theon, and Brienne is doing a good job as a protector but she also wants to make up for having missed the candle. So Sansa tells her: “Okay, you want to make up for leaving me and Theon to jump off the wall? We keep on heading south, and you help me find my sister.” They don’t know that Arya crossed the Narrow Sea, only that she ran off for parts unknown while Brienne was brawling with the Hound. Far as they know, Arya’s still skulking around the Riverlands somewhere! This time, it’ll go better because Sansa tells Brienne some adorable story about her and Arya that nobody else knows, and that’s like a password to use the next time Brienne sees Arya.

Okay, so, they keep heading south, and at some point between Winterfell and Riverrun*, they find a noble House who are still loyal to the Starks and brave enough to middle-finger the Boltons and the Throne, and they agree to keep Sansa hidden safely in their castle and help her get her shit together on behalf of House Stark, or until someone else gets rid of the Boltons, whichever comes first. (Podrick may or may not still be alive by this point.) Having found a safe place for Sansa to stay fed, sheltered and warm for the foreseeable future, Brienne keeps traveling around the Riverlands to take a fresh stab (no pun intended) at finding Arya. At some point, she meets up with Jaime—probably at Riverrun!—and gives him the good news: both the Stark girls are alive, and Sansa is safely accounted for! Brienne is so happy to see her lion, and Jaime is so happy to see his tall, butch blonde! Take off that armor and get in his tent!

And meanwhile, Arya is returning to the Riverlands for her own reasons, not knowing the tall armored lady is still looking for her, this time at her sister’s instruction. Whether Brienne is the one who first encounters Arya in the Riverlands, I don’t know. Arya might run into Jaime instead! Or Jaime and Brienne might be together when the little she-wolf crosses their paths! Or perhaps neither of them will find her; she kills Walder Frey and several of his sons just for the heck of it, and she runs off to join up with the outlaw band.

The point is that a fresh search for Arya, with Sansa’s cooperation, explains the motivation behind Brienne’s travels through the Riverlands in S6. I like the idea of her getting together with Sansa because it explains a lot of how: it answers the question of how Theon and Sansa live long enough for him to get back home to the islands and her to get away from the Boltons without further injury, it provides a way for Sansa to learn that Arya’s still alive, to learn who her “friends in the North” really were, and it’s a neat answer of what exactly Brienne does with herself now that she’s crossed Stannis off her list. The idea of Sansa asking Brienne to find Arya answers why. It tells us what Brienne is trying to accomplish after she’s departed from Sansa’s company. It’s a solid reason for why the group decides to head south rather than north. (Another reason not to head North is that Sansa figures Ramsay will probably look for her around Castle Black, not to mention that Brienne has had more than enough of that Northern winter already. “Let’s head south, my lady! Let’s get you away from the Boltons!”) It tells us why they’re focused on the Riverlands, rather than seeking shelter with some of Aunt Lysa’s allies in the Vale.

So, yeah. I’m on board with the idea of Sansa telling Brienne to find Arya. I really, really like the idea of a Stark Sisters Reunion in S6, and even more the idea of Jaime and Brienne, together, facilitating that reunion, but that may be getting my hopes up just a teensy bit too high.

For now, though, we have it on good authority that Brienne is heading for the Riverlands, and will probably reconnect with Jaime at Riverrun. I’m looking forward to making “DOESN’T MATTER: HAD SEX” memes.

*I keep seeing people acting like Sansa couldn’t possibly leave the North, and I don’t understand why this is? Like, if I were Sansa, I’d want to get as far away from the Boltons as possible without going through King’s Landing. I see no reason why she can’t get some allies together in the Riverlands. Either way, when Brienne heads for the Riverlands, she won’t be “leaving Sansa in the North.” She will either have Sansa with her, or will have already helped her find a safe place to stay.