Game of Spoilers: It’s All Happening in the Riverlands!

Oh, dear. I was just complaining that I might have time to make my own stuff since I was hearing so little about Game of Thrones filming in Northern Ireland, and now suddenly I’m up to my eyebrows in filming news. Oh yes. Oh fucking yes. Both Winter and Watchers are on the case, with shiny new SPOILERS courtesy of Los Siete Reinos! Riverrun is the place to be. YOU FUCKING KNOW IT.

Before going into spoilers, I confirmed something that surely you suspected that you will like: the Black Fish, Brynden Tully, played by Clive Russell, return the Sixth Season.

I’ve said before that I don’t entirely trust the English-language fan sites to translate material from Spanish and Catalan sites, so I’m linking the L7R post. In this case, Google Translate does a mostly-good job with putting L7R’s words in English.

Uncle Brynden is coming back! We still haven’t heard anything about Edmure, but we do have the Blackfish!

The first thing we do is confirm what we suspected: Effectively it is a siege. The castle is in the hands of House Tully, in the person of Brynden who is who defends the garrison. In fact, it seems that this is a very striking scene as The Black Fish throws flaming arrows.

(I’m fairly sure that should be “shoots” flaming arrows, not throws. This is the tricky thing about word-for-word translation.)

Another relevant fact that has surprised us is that there is a huge ship chroma (green screen) for special effects (you can see in the pictures below). Will Lannister-Frey assailants?

(Pretty sure that last sentence should be, “Will the Lannister-Freys be the assailants?”)

I’m going to paste this next part in the original Spanish, because the Google Translate version is really weird:

Y hablamos de Lannister, porque quien se dirige a acabar con el asedio es Jaime Lannister, acompañado por Bronn. Y en algo que que quizás pueda ser similar a una escena memorable de Festín de Cuervo, Jaime tendría una discusión con el Pez Negro.

With a bit of help from iTranslate for iPad, I will sort this out:

“And we speak of Lannister, because the one who aims to end the siege is Jaime Lannister, accompanied by Bronn. And in something that could maybe be similar to a memorable scene in A Feast for Crows, Jaime would have a discussion with the Blackfish.”

They show THE MOST FABULOUS aerial photos of the Riverrun set. Even if you can’t read a single word in Spanish, I strongly encourage you all to follow the L7R link and see their photo gallery.

¿No agradecéis que la serie parece que vaya a retomar tramas de los libros olvidadas? Por lo poco que sabemos, parece la trama más fiel a los libros que veremos en la sexta temporada (y que hayamos leído, claro).

“Do you all not appreciate that the series seems to be returning to forgotten storylines from the books? For the little that we know, it appears the most faithful plot to the books that we’ll see in the sixth season (and that we will have read, of course).”

Aunque quizás la pregunta ahora sería: si Jaime vuelve al lugar en que estaba en los libros, ¿para qué mandarle a Dorne?

“Although the question now may be: if Jaime returns to the place he was in the books, why send him to Dorne?”

I can answer that well enough: Jaime’s presence in the Dorne storyline demonstrated that he wants to be more present for his family. He wanted to show up for Myrcella because he was trying to be a dad to Cersei’s remaining children, rather than just Uncle Jaime. Without him being the one to extricate Myrcella from the Martells, we wouldn’t have gotten to see how happy he is when she says, “I’m glad that you’re my father.”

But Myrcella died in his arms, his rapport with Cersei is about to go from bad to worse, and he won’t be allowed to bond with Tommen, because that would fuck everything up. Uncle Kevan’s sending him to the Riverlands to sort out some business for the Throne’s allies.

This is probably my favorite of the aerial photos that Chantal shared with Los Siete Reinos:

There’s a nice orderly bunch of red tents on the pretty, grassy side, and a bunch of haphazardly placed brown tents on the muddy, messy side, with a ditch running through the middle of the camp.

Notice how the red tents are nice and orderly and the ground is lovely green grass, whereas the brown tents are a hot mess? That’s not just the chaos of production; that’s a really faithful image from the siege of Riverrun in A Feast for Crows. The Lannister troops have their shit together while the Freys are hilariously disorganized and incompetent.

I hope we get to see Jaime bitch-slap some dumbass Frey with his gold hand.

Watchers also tells us some more interesting things about filming in NI, including a casting notice:

Game of Thrones is currently casting for a Distinguished Man. He’s in his 60’s to mid-70’s. They’re looking for someone white-haired with aristocratic features, capable of great intensity. He must have a great deal of natural authority.

The part only requires a couple of days’ filming but is described as “impactful” nonetheless. He shoots the week commencing October 29th in Northern Ireland.

I’m gonna go ahead and throw in my vote for Wyman Manderly. He’s a good age for the part, and his role is serious enough to be “impactful” and with “natural authority.” In the books, Lord Manderly is extremely fat, but the show has already cast some fat characters with skinny people. Yezzan zo Qaggaz, the master who buys Tyrion and Jorah at the slave auction, is gigantically obese and sickly in the books, but the show gave us a slender, healthy young guy as Tyrion and Jorah’s new owner. Lysa Arryn is chubby in the books, but on the show she was portrayed by the perfectly skinny Kate Dickie. Probably the only character who’s fat in the books and appears as fat on the show is Walda Frey, Roose Bolton’s cheerful young pregnant wife. The distinguished man could also be a River lord or another, less prominent Northern lord, but let’s not discount the possibility of a slimmer Wyman Manderly.

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  1. I’m really hoping we see a Manderly, even an underfed one.

    So it sounds like we’ll have the Lannister-supported Frey siege of Riverrun, with the Blackfish in charge of the Tully stronghold. Ah, yes. Nice.

    • YES! I know I said something in an earlier post about how maybe the Blackfish or the outlaw band would be harassing the castle from the outside and the Freys would already be inside, but that was when we didn’t yet know Clive Russell was coming back! It looks like the show is being much more faithful to the books!

      • (I wasn’t going to remind you of your earlier analysis, which was still excellent.)

        I’m lighting another candle of hope that we’ll see Jaime’s aunt. (Yes, I know there’s been no casting details for Awesome Formidable Cool Lannister Aunt Married to a Clown role…)

        • I’m trying not to get my hopes up for Aunt Genna, but it would be so, so awesome and fabulous if we got her. Although they’d probably cast her with a skinny actress, too. But she’d still be amazing.

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