Building Things in the Riverlands, Continued!

Well-met, friends! My pardons if I’ve failed to show up on time. I’ve spent most of my birthday weekend in the company of a nice young man named Dunk and a smartass little boy called Egg. However, the good people at Watchers have shared with us some interesting news. First, there’s a casting notice for some guy at some castle:

(It may be kind of weird, how little I care about what they’re filming in Almeria.)

Captain of the Tower. Aged 35 – 45. The captain is in charge of the security of a castle. He’s an able soldier, physically fit, commanding and capable. He has a lot of dialogue in a scene where he is with his superiors and has to make a difficult decision.  This is a one-scene part with leading cast. The role shoots for one week, commencing December 2nd in Northern Ireland.

I just…have no idea. This may be something from Book 6 that we haven’t yet seen, or may be a TV-only storyline. I really don’t know. That they’re filming in NI narrows down the range of settings a little bit. Probably the North, the Riverlands, the Wall, or the Vale, but that doesn’t help much. As a book reader, I promise TV-only people, we’re not hiding anything.

This is more interesting, here. They’ve been working on this big, intriguing set for Riverrun, and now they have to delay filming, because the set is a bit too big and a bit too intriguing. Oh, yes. Oh fucking yes:

According to our sources, filming will not begin tomorrow because there have been some objections to a very, very large structure being built. It will have to be examined by local representatives to see if it broke the rules in the original planning application. Due to this, filming can’t begin on time. The next inspection will take place possibly on Tuesday, and hopefully, filming in Corbet for Riverrun will start after that.

Okay, first off, I really have to wonder if “local representatives” are going to tell HBO they can’t build that structure in Corbet. Does Corbet really want to be known as the municipality that wouldn’t let Game of Thrones have their setting? Really? That’s the sort of tune they’re singing.

Seriously, though, what sort of structure could this be? I recall Jaime Lannister meeting Edmure Tully at the top of a big platform along with some Freys, some of whom were brighter bulbs than others, but I may be overestimating the scale of that setting? Maybe just a little? I feel like the scene in Book 4 with Jaime and the Freys, which everyone seems to think we’re getting in S6, involved a very big wooden structure, so maybe that’s the thing that the local representatives don’t like. One would think the local bureaucrats would have already taken their notice of the castle and deemed it acceptable, or not, before this stage. It’s been there, and it’s been very obvious, for some time now.

We still haven’t heard anything about Clive Russell or Tobias Menzies coming back. Perhaps HBO is keeping a tight lid on them until filming begins, by which point the little birds with cameras will take the matter out of their hands. But filming can’t begin until they get their red tape sorted out.