Keeping Up with the Lannisters

So much more interesting than the Joneses. And please don’t bring up the Kardashians. Just don’t.

But this is some really interesting news. Oh yes. Lots of shiny things to bat around.

First, Watchers shows us that Lena Headey (along with Hafthor Bjornsson!) is filming a scene in Dubrovnik! This is noteworthy, as HBO had previously told us they weren’t filming in Croatia anymore. Seems that HBO lied to us. She’s all dressed up in a pretty Lannister gown and waiting at the water’s edge in Dubrovnik.

She appears to be waiting for the boat to arrive with Jaime and Myrcella. That’s the nearest fit given that she should know Jaime is on his way back to King’s Landing with their daughter, though she probably won’t know until he arrives that Myrcella died along the way. It’s weird that there isn’t a crowd of people waiting behind Cersei, but I suspect a crowd of extras can be filmed elsewhere and digitally sewn into the scene behind Cersei and her undead giant Kingsguard.

There are two elements stirring up discussion about what scene this may be. One is that she’s wearing a red-gold gown with lions on the shoulders, similar to what she wore to Joffrey’s wedding. As she’s not wearing mourning, that suggests she doesn’t yet know about Myrcella’s death. The other is that her hair appears to have grown out a bit, which implies that some time has passed since her Walk of Shame.

What I think is more likely is that this scene is early-season, and her hair appears to have had some time to grow because the show needs her to look prettier, rather than honor continuity by having her wear that hack-job the Septas gave her in the S5 finale. I think they’re filming the part where Cersei waits for the boat to arrive with Jaime and Myrcella, and she’s going to get a nasty shock when the boat shows up and Myrcella is carried outside in a shroud. Following that, she’ll be wearing black dresses for the rest of the season. Again. She wore mourning for Joffrey and Tywin, she’ll wear mourning for Myrcella.

Of course, another element to consider is who’s directing this scene. Someone in the comment section says there’s someone there who looks like Mark Mylod, and if that’s him, then they’re filming a late-season scene, in which Cersei is standing at the water’s edge (with no crowd behind her) waiting for something else entirely.

I think the lion-shouldered gown is more significant, though. Unless/until I find out the director for this is anyone other than Jeremy Podeswa, I will assume this is Ep1, and Cersei is waiting for her brother to show up with their daughter.

You know what I really appreciate about this news, though? It’s that the list of filming locations isn’t final. Clearly, HBO isn’t filming S6 only in Spain and Northern Ireland. If they can lie about not filming anything in Croatia, then it’s equally feasible for Jaime to appear in a scene or two filmed in Iceland.

(This is the effect of lying to us about what they’re doing: once it’s established that they’re willing to lie about something like filming locations, then we start wondering what else they haven’t been telling us on that subject.)

Not that I need any reassurance about Jaime going north after that big scene outside the Sept. I’m sure he’s going to the Riverlands. That much is basically written in stone. Every day, the Riverrun set looks more like events from Jaime’s arc in AFfC and less like anything else they could possibly be doing at Riverrun. Watchers also has more photos of Riverrun, including something with a platform in mid-construction which may or may not be a gallows in progress.

Our reader Tir Airgid has provided these new photos of the Riverrun set in progress in Corbet, Northern Ireland. These photos were taken the day before yesterday, on Tuesday October 6th. There have been some rumors surrounding the set, with IrishThrones tweeting yesterday that a gallows had been built, but the day before that tweet was shared, this was the appearance of the sets.

You can see the wooden structure in the center taking shape, but it’s too unfinished to determine what it is- a gallows, or the beginning of some other type of platform.

You know what I’ve said about Irish Thrones? I just couldn’t take their word for it that there was a gallows. And sure enough, there’s a platform, but it’s too early to know whether someone is building a gallows. I’d like there to be a gallows at Riverrun. It may very well be so. But I would like to see a photo of something that looks like a gallows before I get all excited about that.

(Hold on while I scare up some more photos.)

We see two set pieces that look promising for a siege of Riverrun: some kind of platform, and a base for something that may be a trebuchet. 

A lot of us are excited about the possible trebuchet because there’s a conversation in AFfC in which Jaime says something very memorable involving that particular piece of machinery. I don’t care about hearing him say that line nearly as much as I care about seeing him show up at Riverrun and deal with the Freys.

Also this:

Yes, please. People whom I trust to know what they’re talking about: please keep talking about that stuff they’re building at the Riverrun set. Don’t leave me all alone here without speculation fodder.