Game of Spoilers: I think I know what they’re filming in Spain!

This is good. This is definitely substantial, and I have no idea if this is book-based.

Remember I said something about someone popping up somewhere when nobody was expecting them?

I feel rather late to the party on this, as I’ve been basically chained to my chair at work and haven’t been able to do anything all day, but this thing happened! Sibel Kekilli has been seen in costume at the Meereen set! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Shae the funny whore, IN COSTUME.

She’s dressed as a Meereenese peasant rather than a Westerosi camp follower or Red Keep servant, so it probably won’t be a flashback. May be a hallucination in which Shae’s face appears on a Meereenese woman’s body when Tyrion is feeling especially ambivalent, abandoned, sleep-deprived, sick, or perhaps someone cut off his supply of wine again. He gets withdrawal symptoms when he doesn’t drink. Alternatively, there’s no hallucination, just a Meereenese woman who looks just like Shae, and the similarity gives Tyrion all sorts of feels that he really doesn’t need.

Where do whores go?” is his idee fixe in ADwD, though he’s thinking more about what happened to Tysha, rather than what he did to Shae.