Game of Speculation: Things to Build in the Riverlands

There’s a bit more information on various bits and pieces over at Winter is Coming, but what really interests me is this:

(y’all, this shit ain’t messin’ around)

(Irish Thrones, please stop abusing apostrophes and single quotes, kthxbye)

There seems to be agreement that the stuff they’re setting up in front of the Riverrun set looks like siege engines, such as a trebuchet. Which means that the Lannisters are not visiting Riverrun for a wedding. No, it’s a military operation. So far, no one’s heard anything about Uncle Brynden or Edmure Tully coming back.

If we’re not getting a follow-up on the Tullys (which would be weird, but the show does get weird from time to time), then the Freys and their Lannister allies are probably dealing with the outlaw band—Lachlan, Flynn, Japeth, Bower and their peeps—attacking the castle.

Still, I’d feel better if I could get a director name or episode number for this setting.

Am I the only person who’s super ridiculously interested in what’s going on at Riverrun? Why am I not hearing more about this?