Game of Speculation: I wonder what they’re filming in Spain?

Hmmm. Both Winter and Watchers have posted something about someone, whom we haven’t seen in a while, showing up at the Game of Thrones set in Peñíscola, though not in costume.

All the photos of Meereen filming suggest that conditions are getting increasingly dire, that people are starving, etc. That suggests a siege. Meanwhile, Sibel Kekilli shows up on set.

So now we wonder what she’s doing there. It’s entirely possible that Sibel simply happens to be in the area and is stopping by to say hi to Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hill. We haven’t seen her in costume. However. There’s also this:

That she’s staying in the same hotel as the cast is kind of interesting.

Sue the Fury briefly mentions the possibility of Shae appearing in a dream or vision of Tyrion’s. Ani Bundel takes a bit more time to go through possibilities of Tyrion hallucinating about Shae as an expression of guilt or a response to stress.

I think the most likely scenario is that Sibel is simply visiting her friends. Kind of weird for her to be staying in the “exclusive cast hotel,” but I’m sure stranger things happen while filming Game of Thrones. Unless/until I see a photo of her in costume, I will assume she’s just there to say hi to her peeps from King’s Landing.

That said, it’s also possible that she’ll feature in a dream sequence or stress-related hallucination by Tyrion. He’s feeling guilty about strangling her, and he’s still longing for the True Love he thought he had with her. I find it less likely that he’s hallucinating due to hunger. Illness or sleep-deprivation, quite possibly, but hunger? Not so much. The pattern on Game of Thrones is that even while the common people starve, the people in power are well-fed. If there’s any food available at all, the nobles and their staff are eating. An exception is when Stannis Baratheon and his troops held Storm’s End against the Tyrells, and Davos Seaworth saved them all with his little boat full of onions, but they were stuck inside a castle, whereas Meereen is a city. I don’t think Tyrion’s going hungry.

This is almost certainly not a flashback, because of where they’re filming. (Someone on Twitter mentioned the possibility of a flashback.) All of Tyrion’s memories of Shae are in the Riverlands and King’s Landing. Those settings are filmed in Northern Ireland. An outdoor moment in King’s Landing would have been filmed in Girona this year, and the production has already finished up and moved out of Girona. If Sibel is filming in Peñíscola, then Shae is appearing in the context of Meereen.

Pretty sure it’s not a resurrection, either. Just: no.

Also today, Winter’s Dan Selcke reports that Rosabell Laurenti Sellers (Tyene “you need the bad pussy” Sand) has confirmed an appearance in S6. And if we’re getting Tyene, we’ll probably get all the Sand Snakes, plus Ellaria. But where might they be filming?

Considering the paucity of information, it remains difficult to ascertain what the Dornish crew will get up to next year, but what news there is makes me think they won’t play a prominent role. After all, the show is nearly finished with its on-location shooting in Spain. It’s still filming material in Peñíscola, which is standing in for Meereen, and will shortly start filming in Almería. It’s possible that Almería could stand in for parts of Dorne, but considering the sets we’ve seen getting built there, we think it’ll mostly be used for scenes involving Daenerys and her new khalasar.

Plus, Oparei [Areo Hotah] said that he had a late call to the set, which he took to mean that he wouldn’t have a lot of screen time in Season 6. I’m starting to think that we’ll just quickly check in with Dorne in Season 6, not unlike how we quickly checked in with Yara Greyjoy in Season 4 before she was shuffled offscreen, along with everything else happening on the Iron Islands.

Another possibility is that the Sand Snakes don’t stay in Dorne. I sure hope they don’t get much screentime, as S6 is herding plenty of cats already, and Jaime’s role was the only reason I tolerated the Dorne storyline in S5 as well as I did. Still, there’s no written-in-stone reason why Area Hotah needs to be present in all or even most of the scenes with Ellaria and the Snakes. And as their killing Myrcella makes them fugitives in Dorne, it is in their interest to go elsewhere. The Reach is the nearest area, without getting too close to King’s Landing. The production has already finished filming the Horn Hill scenes at Castell de Santa Florentina, but other parts of the Reach could use Northern Ireland locations.

(From now on, I’m going to use “you need the bad pussy” as my tag for any post concerning the Sand Snakes.)