Game of Spoilers: Who’s Taking Care of Meereen?

Oh, boy. It’s not often that I come across some filming news firm enough to call a spoiler, but this thing here fits the bill. Winter is Coming, via Los Siete Reinos, gives us some pics of filming in Peñíscola, plus fan reports of what’s happening, and they are not messing around:

Remember when I got all excited about Melanie Liburd joining the show? She appears to be playing a Red Priestess, and she preaches in the streets and spreads the word of Dany the Savior to the former masters and former slaves of the city. Tyrion is interested in working with her, but Varys, who hates magic and its practitioners since he was castrated, is having none of that. Varys basically says to Tyrion, “Have fun without me, little lion!” and gets the fuck out of Meereen. Now it’s just Tyrion and Missandei running the show unless/until Dany shows up with Drogon.

I repeat: Varys does not stay in Meereen for the duration of the season. He leaves the city on a ship.

And where might he be going now?

Well, I think he’s going back to Westeros. There’s something he needs to do in Westeros. This is one area where the show isn’t quite caught up with the books.

Y’all better HOPE I don’t spoil that part of the books. It is so, so twisted, yet so, so brilliant, and you’ll want it to be a surprise.

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    • Of course he COULD just be going back to Volantis to do something else entirely, and Littlefinger might be the one who does the thing Varys does at the end of ADwD, but I like to think Varys is heading back to KL to run a certain plot with his little birds.

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