If my fellow Americans could stop shooting each other, that’d be great.

As I was ranting on Twitter earlier today, I see basically two dimensions of an appropriate discussion and activism following a mass shooting (and we have plenty of them): 1. Effective, well-enforced gun control, 2. American culture and how it enables deadly violence.

These are not separate issues! They can be discussed in combination. Some of us will tend more toward the cultural discussion, and others will be more interested in the logistics of gun control.

You know where I’m really, really done, though? I’m so out of patience with the idea of the right to own guns. If I see you responding to whatever mass shooting we’ve had this week, with more screaming about your right to self-defense, and the ebil gummint better not come to take away your guns, then you are part of the problem and I have no time for you. I want to come for your guns. I want you to lose your right to bear arms. Done. Over.