Game of Speculation: I second-guess myself just a little.

Regarding that incredibly joyous gift package from the shutterbugs of Northern Ireland, I’m still a teensy bit nervous, because I don’t know the episode for the part at Riverrun.

I’d still like to know the episode, or at least the director, for the red tents at Riverrun.

Based on what we know already, based on what we got in the books (which is a very chancy prediction tool), based on what I gathered from watching extant episodes, I’m pretty sure those red tents are there for military assistance from the Lannister-Tyrell-bannermen side, with Jaime as the commander. As Jaime will still be in King’s Landing as of Ep6, that scenario would need to take place starting Ep7 at the earliest.

So…if I find out the director in charge of those red tents at Riverrun is one of the first three in the lineup (Jeremy Podeswa, Daniel Sackheim, Jack Bender), then I will be just a bit embarrassed and more than a bit frustrated. That wouldn’t rule out Jaime going to the Riverlands! (If I find out that Mark Mylod and Miguel Sapochnik are both directing scenes with Jaime in the Crownlands/Stormlands/Reach/Dorne, THAT would rule out his going to the Riverlands.) But it would mean that I’ve made a whole raft of predictions based on faulty information.

(You all had better hope the red tents are for Ep7-10, because if they’re not, then I will have to do a whole revised set of Riverlands predictions. I’m not above perpetrating a new posting spree. Be warned.)

So if the red tents at Riverrun are there for something other than Jaime bringing the troops to assist the Freys, then what could that be?

One scenario that’s been brought into discussion is a Lannister-Frey wedding. I really can’t picture how that would work? The show could whip up some random-ass Lannister cousin to wed some unremarkable Frey granddaughter, but then who has time to attend the wedding? Uncle Kevan is busy with governing the realm, Lancel is busy running around with a bunch of theocratic bullies, Cersei needs to stay in King’s Landing until her trial, Tommen isn’t going anywhere as long as Margaery and Loras are locked up, and whatever Jaime is doing (like running the Kingsguard) involves him staying in King’s Landing through Ep6. Might Uncle Kevan send him up north just to represent the Throne at some Lannister cousin’s wedding? If he does so, it’ll have to be late-season, and even that would be an awkward fit? I mean, I can’t help but feel like a wedding would be an awkward fit either way. If there’s an early-season wedding, that draws out the follow-up on the Freys. Also, what major characters do we get at an early-season wedding at Riverrun to make us care about this turn of events? Practically everyone we know of is occupied elsewhere. If there’s a late-season wedding, what kind of follow-up on the Freys does that give us? The next season is herding more than enough cats already.

I can’t really picture any scenario at Riverrun with Lannister-red tents, except for military assistance, late-season, led by Jaime. Still, there may be some things I’m forgetting.

One other possibility, outside of my previous idea of the Lannisters coming to bring the hammer down on Ser Brynden the Blackfish, is that we’re not getting a follow-up on the Tullys. Instead, Edmure is out of sight as a prisoner and will stay that way, Ser Brynden has swum off for parts unknown, and the Freys have their hands full with this outlaw band. Perhaps the Lannister side is bringing troops to deal with the outlaws, rather than what’s left of the Tullys.

Still: I would like to know what episode has the red tents. That would help solidify my predictions. This is the place where I hang a question mark over last Sunday’s posting spree.