Early Winter in the Riverlands, Part 2: the Little Assassin

I’m experimenting with this idea of breaking my big predictions out into several smaller posts, rather than puke several thousand words into one post and expect you all to read it.

Last night, I wrote about the possibilities of Jaime in the Riverlands in S6. Now, I want to talk a bit about Arya.

Like Jaime, it has been rumored by fairly credible sources that Arya will return to the Riverlands in S6. Unlike Jaime, we have no book-based frame of reference for what Arya might do once she returns. Whereas Jaime took care of a lot of business in Tully/Frey territory in A Feast for Crows, Arya spent all her time in books 4 and 5 in Braavos. Of the little bit we’ve seen of Arya in The Winds of Winter, she’s still in Braavos. We have no way of knowing whether Arya’s return to Westeros is even included in Book 6, and if it is, we don’t know the where/who/what/when of her return.

However, we do know that Walder Frey is on Arya’s kill list, and that we seem to be getting a follow-up on the Freys, most especially including Walder, in S6.

In terms of time frame, Arya is even more limited than Jaime in what she might do in the Riverlands. We have some pics of Maisie Williams filming an action sequence with the Waif, which the commenters at WotW seem to agree is under the direction of Mark Mylod, who is in charge of episodes 7 and 8. We’ve also seen Maisie filming something in Carnlough Harbor, also with Mark Mylod, and I could be forgetting something, but I think that harbor looks more like a canal than a river, which suggests Braavos. We don’t yet know whether the Carnlough scene is in Ep7 or 8, but I think she’s still in Braavos at that point. Either way, so far the very earliest that Arya could head back to Westeros is Ep8. She’s limited to Ep8-10, at most, possibly just 9-10, for the places to go and people to meet/greet/assassinate in the Riverlands. That’s not much time at all.

So, what might she do with that little bit of time? Unlike Jaime, she’s a kid traveling alone and only has herself to keep fed/sheltered/warm, and she’s dressed like no one in particular, rather than wearing a Lannister/Kingsguard/Tyrell/Throne-ally uniform, so she can blend in more easily. Far as we know, before she leaves Braavos, she doesn’t know about anything going on in the Riverlands except that Walder Frey is still there. Until we get more information, I will surmise that her return to Westeros will center on getting to wherever Walder Frey is, and crossing him off her kill list. Not sure of whether she’ll succeed, but I expect her to make a credible attempt.