Game of Speculation: Is it Christmas already?

Because I feel like people are throwing fabulous presents at us faster than I can unwrap them.


First, the little birds toting cameras around Northern Ireland gave us new information of what they’re filming at the new riverside castle, and it is amazing. Oh yes. When I saw these pics, I started feeling like this: *plus some hyperventilating into my cupped hands*

What is this awesome new development, you may ask? Go click on the link and see for yourself, but it entails this:

Now, if you’re saying to yourself that those look like Lannister red tents, then good job. Because they certainly are. This only strengthens our certainty here at WiC that this castle set is in fact Riverrun, and that, unlike many parts of this coming season, this is a plot that will stick to the books, and Jaime Lannister (who it is heavily rumored will be heading to the Riverlands, partly just to get away from the madness in King’s Landing) will be heading to the Tully ancestral home next year.

LANNISTERS CAMPING OUTSIDE OF RIVERRUN. I would like to know what episode this is. Failing that, I’d like to know the director, which narrows it down to two episodes. We’ve already seen that Jaime is still in King’s Landing in Ep6, which means his time in the Riverlands is limited to Ep7-10, but Lannister tents near Riverrun suggest that the focus of Jaime’s trip out of the Crownlands is dealing with whoever controls the historical seat of the Tullys and the central castle of the Riverlands.

What other fun stuff are we getting?

Well…there are new pics for an outdoor scene, which told us what we all basically knew already, plus a little bit more!

Other notes: is the woman under the umbrella Carice van Houten as Melisandre? Also, Harington doesn’t look to be wearing Night’s Watch-style blacks in this photo. Now that he’s died and come back to life, maybe Jon Snow is released from his Night’s Watch vows and free to wear other kinds of clothing?

That is definitely Kit Harington. I think the woman under the umbrella is a crew member rather than Carice van Houten, but, Kit Harington, in costume and on set! And he’s NOT wearing Night’s Watch gear, in fact he’s dressed like a STARK like we saw Sean Bean in S1! The director is Miguel Sapochnik, which means they’re shooting something for Ep9-10.

I have a busy day offline. No time for analysis/predictions right now. Will write a more coherent post later.