White dude tells black trans queer woman she’s a “disgusting racist sexist bigot who has every advantage in life over me”

“Voice for Men number two” is a good way to describe this guy. Emphasis on “number two.” He’s a sorry piece of shit.

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Dean Esmay: The white voice of black America? Dean Esmay: The white voice of black America?

I don’t really intend to write about former A Voice for Men number two Dean Esmay as often as I do. But every time I so much as glance at his Twitter timeline, I find something so noxious and ridiculous it makes my head hurt. In other words, here we go again.

Yesterday Raquel Willis, who describes herself in her Twitter bio as a “black trans queer feminist media maven,” Tweeted pictures of Alice Walker and bell hooks alongside a comment criticizing those who think “black feminism/#womanism is just a way to keep the black man down.”

Mr. Esmay, a big ol’ white dude, saw her Tweet, and decided that he needed to put her straight on a few things. It wasn’t pretty.

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