All Your Speculation Fodder is Belong to Me

Game of Thrones fucking OWNED the goddamn Emmys (although they were still short by one trophy: Lena Headey should’ve won for Supporting Actress!), and I enjoyed the shit out of everyone’s Twitter updates on Sunday night. I may have saved some photos to my iPad of certain cast members looking fine on the red carpet and at the after party. Maybe just a few.

I may be kind of late to the party and that’s mostly because of work/commuting issues which I will not elaborate here (see my Twitter feed for my drunken rantings about the DC Metro system), but what the heck. People are asking our dearest actors for speculation fodder, mostly focusing on the fate of Jon Snow, and I can find fodder in the oddest places.

For example, when the nice lady asks Sophie T about Jon:

I am interested in this: she sounds genuinely clueless about Jon, AND she confirms that she’s already filmed a lot of her part for the season. That tells me this much: whatever she’s already filmed for S6, it does NOT include going anywhere near wherever Jon is. Assuming she isn’t being completely disingenuous about Jon’s status, of course. Also, she may still have some more scenes to shoot. But so far! No interactions between Sansa and Jon.

Also, there’s this:

She says, regarding Sansa and Theon jumping off the walls of Winterfell, that we HOPE they fall into a big pile of snow. BUT then she also says, this season is pretty amazing for her! Which doesn’t tell us much about what Sansa is DOING next season. But I think it tells us pretty well that she and Theon survive their jump, and they recover from the impact well enough. I like to think she’s letting us know Sansa finally gets a season of staying in one piece without being perpetually victimized. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Also, while we’re here: I really, really love Sophie’s outfit. It’s glamorous, polished, and different enough from what all the other ladies are wearing, to make an impression.

Alfie says:”It’s gonna be an epic landing for sure.”

Also, does anyone here understand spoken Dutch? What is Carice saying?

(Everyone’s using those little portable fans. I hear it was an especially hot day in LA.)

Finally, there’s this:

GRRMartin goes through a list of names of “dead people” he wants to thank for having made the series great. By dead people, he names a bunch of perfectly healthy actors whose characters have died on the show. As Ani Bundel notes, that list does NOT include Kit Harington, but as I note, the list DOES include Michelle Fairley. Don’t hold your breath for Undead Cat Stark, is all I’m sayin’.