Hey Ladies! Is this pathetic poster A Voice for Men’s response to threats against Toronto feminists?

Hey you sorry fuckers,
I can get dates when I want to, and be content when I don’t. I can afford my housing fees just fine. I turn 35 next month and have no interest in marriage. Feminism is working out very nicely for me. You want to bite my well-fed feminist ass? Please go read some books by female authors and stop wallowing in male tears.

we hunted the mammoth

Masters of public relations at work Masters of public relations at work

Is the appearance of this poster at a Toronto train station an example of inadvertently terrible timing, or an act of astounding assholery?

The poster in question was spotted at Toronto Transitā€™sĀ Ossington station yesterday, a day after reports of online threats against University of Toronto women hit the media. Classy, AVFM, classy!

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