Game of Speculation: A bad translation of a rumor is a recipe for embarrassment.

I’m going to talk about rumors for Game of Thrones S6 filming, which may possibly be spoilers. They’re fairly plausible rumors. Let me show you.

New article at Winter is Coming gives us notice of this incredibly juicy rumor for early-season King’s Landing:

So apparently that big scene we’ve heard about where they’ve been rehearsing having a horse go up and down the steps of the cathedral? That scene, is rumored to be for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He’s the one on the horse, and the steps stand in for the steps of Baelor. Why is he riding up to the doors of the Sept? To challenge the High Sparrow of course. Those Tyrell troops we saw practicing formation are not anti-Lannister. They’re accompanying him. This is the moment to challenge the High Sparrow and to release Margaery.

And from what LSR has learned, the High Sparrow gives her over without a fight.


Because he’s already won. See, according the rumor, Margaery *broke.* Unlike Cersei, who may have lied and faux confessed her way out of that prison, and walked through the streets naked to get home, but arrived there with a fire behind her gaze that said she regretted nothing and revenge would be hers, Margaery broke. She’s converted to the Faith of the Seven, and is now a religious devotee of the High Sparrow, utterly under his command.

But is it true? Or is Margaery playing her own game to get out? Clearly this is a scene that falls early in the season, since we’ve heard that after he leaves King’s Landing, Jaime is heading to the Riverlands. So there’s lots of time between her return to the palace for things to happen. Sources wouldn’t say either way.

Now, I like the sound of this scene. I really enjoy the idea of Jaime taking Tyrell troops to the Sept to liberate Margaery. It’s a huge middle-finger to Cersei.

But what is the content of the actual rumor, though? They’re getting this story from Los Siete Reinos, which has this to say:

La escena en las escaleras de la Catedral involucrará a varios personajes claves. El primero es Jaime Lannister, que como decimos marchará en un caballo hacia el septo de Baelor para intentar conquistarlo acompañado de tropas Tyrell. 

Sin embargo, para nuestra sorpresa el Gorrión se rinde muy fácilmente. ¿Por qué? Porque ha conseguido su objetivo: le entrega a una Margaery que se ha convertido en una devota de la Fe de los Siete. Casi una especie de Gorrión. La Reina es ahora un instrumento de la Fe.

Sabemos que se va a grabar esa escena, pero no sabemos las implicaciones que tiene. ¿Será una estrategia de Margaery para poder escapar o realmente se ha convertidoen una fanática religiosa? ¿Seguirá siendo reina o se hará septa o Hermana Silenciosa? Es pronto para saberlo.

La escena es muy impactante, pero os la traemos entre otras cosas porque NO es una escena final de temporada y pueden pasar muchas cosas desde entonces. Como os dijimos, Jaime también va a ir a las Tierras de los Ríos… y saber a quién se encuentra por allí.

My Spanish recognition is rusty, but there’s an element of the Winter is Coming story that’s missing from the Los Siete Reinos version, which is the idea of Jaime going to the Sept to demand Margaery’s release.

The Spanish version says something more like: Jaime’s on horseback at the Sept of Baelor, accompanied by Tyrell troops, in order to conquer the Sept. I suppose the result of such a conquest would include Margaery and Loras being released into Jaime’s custody, but it’s bigger than that. He’s there to take the Sept away from the Sparrows and put it back under the control of the crown. That he’s accompanied by Tyrell troops is interesting, but it doesn’t tell us that Jaime is there for Margaery specifically.

And then the High Sparrow yields the Sept without a struggle, and it turns out that Margaery has become a pious devotee of the Faith. We’re left to wonder whether this is a strategy on Margaery’s part in order to escape her incarceration, or if she’s genuinely become a fanatic. Will she keep on being queen, or will she become a Septa or Silent Sister? Too soon to know.

And anyway, this is all a rumor, and I’m not sure to what extent I trust Los Siete Reinos and their sources. It’s plausible! Jaime’s the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and he’s required to serve the crown. It’s easily within his scope of responsibilities to secure the queen’s (Margaery’s) safety, which means getting her out of that cell. Cersei is no longer in power, so he doesn’t have to do anything she asks of him. That he’s accompanied by Tyrell troops suggests that Uncle Kevan is working nicely with Lady Olenna. The difference is that the intention to conquer the Sept is bigger than demanding Margaery’s release. The throne needs to have the Sept under their control, not run by those dirty Sparrows. While I love the idea of Jaime storming up the steps to spring his son/nephew’s little wife from her captivity, after his twin masterminded her arrest, his mindset isn’t clear from the rumor at Los Siete Reinos.

And anyway, I’m waiting to hear some more corroboration of this rumor before I get all excited. But I certainly wouldn’t want to get excited based on a flawed translation.