We’re Not Exotic Flavors!

I’m grossed out that someone made that video.


Now, back to the ranting:

What is this shit?

“White guys taste that brown sugar for the first time”? And this isn’t a porno?




My brain hurts with how wrong this is.  How dehumanizing this shit is.  How do I count the fucking ways?

  1. It’s not a shitty porno that wouldn’t be on Facebook anyway. Not that I don’t have a serious fucking problem with how PoC are treated in porn, but that’s a different rant altogether.
  2. Referring to black women as food? Brown sugar, chocolate, mocha, shit you’d find if you were looking for matching foundation or stockings.  Dehumanizing as fuck. We’re not food. We’re people.
  3. Why? What is the point? Exoticifying an entire race, treating us like we’re not human, is disgusting.
  4. As someone in an interracial relationship, who’s kissed her share of white boys, let me be the first the inform anyone ‘curious’…

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