Who took down Roosh V’s sites this week? Danes, gays, Jews … or Big Toilet Paper?

I like the idea of Danes being responsible for the DDoS attacks on Douche V’s site, though their motivation is not what Douche V probably thinks it is. In my mind, he drew attention to himself with his book “Don’t Bang Denmark,” and their attitude was basically, a) “Oh my fucking shit, that ass-nugget was in OUR country?”, b) “He BETTER not come back!”, c) “Even if he has no intention ever to come back here, let’s fuck his shit up because it’s so funny to see his reaction. Dance, motherfucker, dance!”

But probably not because he thinks Danish women aren’t sufficiently fuckable.

we hunted the mammoth


So Roosh Valizadeh’s websites — Return of Kings, the Roosh V Forum, and his own blog — have been hit with DDOS attacks this week.

Roosh isn’t sure who’s to blame, but he has a few ideas. In a note on the DDOS attacks he posted to his site, he wrote:

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