Congratulations, GoT fandom: it’s a Dickon!

I see they’ve cast another character for S6: this time it’s Dickon Tarly, Samwell’s little brother. This is their idea of a “little” brother to Sam:

In the books, we’re told the birth order is Sam, three sisters, then finally Dickon, who is about 10 years old when we hear about him in A Feast for Crows. I don’t think we’ve ever really seen him on-page, but from what we hear about him, he’s probably a decent-enough kid. Brienne has this boy to thank for not losing her virginity to some jackass knight trying to win a bet.

On the show, I suppose they’ve decided to make him the second child, right after Sam. He’s clearly not a little boy.

I hope they don’t write him as a bullying misogynist asshat like his father.