Game of Speculation: So far, I haven’t embarrassed myself.

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Earlier this off-season, I ran through a bunch of feels about my dear Brienne, and once that was mostly out of my system, I set up a fairly basic prediction for her movements in S6. Then I made some more predictions for Jaime. Pretty basic, fairly well-explained predictions for what happens to him. More recently, we got a little nugget of not-entirely-verified speculation fodder that suggested that Jaime was heading north. Which works just fine for me.

And then just last night I complained that all the info we were getting lately was really squishy and I couldn’t form any usable ideas from it. What do they expect me to do, make all my predictions based on what’s already happened on the show? Pffft.

All that said. Today, Watchers on the Wall is giving us some more to work with. This is some good speculation fodder. Oh, yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for. This shit right here. They tell us:

Two sources have confirmed that Alfie Allen was present at the Ironborn filming this week and in the large scene filmed in the video. We knew Allen was in the area, but this seals it: Theon will be returning home to the Iron Islands in season 6.

That is substantial news. Very interesting indeed. Yara will be so happy to see him getting back to himself. I’d like to hear who’s directing the scenes with Theon in the Iron Islands. That’ll tell us something about how late in the season he gets back there.

There’s also this:

We’ve received info that isn’t officially confirmed at this time but we believe it to be solid.

According to our sources, Jaime Lannister is headed to the Riverlands (and hopefully his ASOIAF plot) in season 6, as the rumored Iceland sightings indicated. Additionally, our sources tell us that his new constant companion Bronn is going along with him on whatever his business is.

Well, of course. Uncle Kevan needs to get his loose-cannon nephew out of the Red Keep, and Jaime still owes Bronn a bride. Still, I’d like to hear that this is “confirmed” before I start patting myself on the back.

Oh, and this:

But that’s not all. The area is getting crowded next season. We’ve heard that Arya Stark will be returning to Westeros’ Riverlands as well. That’s a long way from Braavos, to say the least.

Now THAT is new and exciting. That opens up some new possibilities for following up on the Freys, doesn’t it?

So far I’m not hearing anything that confirms or denies my predictions for Brienne and Podrick. I just started working on some more specific, positive speculation for Jaime and Brienne last night. Even more? Yes, even more. I still have tea leaves to read. But I might not have time to read tea leaves if folks keep sharing news like this.