The speculation fodder is very squishy this week.

HBO has confirmed that they cast Pilou Asbæk (and it is such a PITA to type his last name on an Anglocentric keyboard) as Euron Greyjoy. Meanwhile I’m all like, ehhh, am I expected to get excited about having to deal with the Greyjoys in S6? I care about Theon and Yara at least a little, and I want to see them find each other and be a fam again, but the rest of that clan is all heat and no light. Dude looks really good for a relative of Theon’s, even though he’s awfully young to be Balon’s brother, but do I even care about relatives of Theon’s? I sort of care about his sister.

Since we know who’s playing Euron, that narrows down the field of possible Ian McShane roles. Most people are talking about either Randyll Tarly or Septon Meribald. (And I’m fairly sure we’re getting a Septon Meribald/Elder Brother composite, but that character is a viable candidate for McShane’s role.) And I sort of have opinions on where McShane might be a good fit, so I’ll go ahead and share them: I think the Meribald/Elder guy is the best candidate. Yeah, I do. I think so because, from what I’ve heard about McShane’s previous acting (I haven’t actually seen Deadwood), the Meribald/Elder guy would be the most surprising. He’d be typecast as Randyll Tarly, and I think Game of Thrones wants to give us a surprise with this one. So, my prediction is McShane will be the sensible old clergyman in the Riverlands, and the role of Randyll Tarly will go to whoever has the best face to receive Gwendoline Christie’s fist.

What? I think we all know that whatever happens in the Riverlands in S6 will have a lot of differences from what we saw in the books, so as long as they’re switching things up, why not let Brienne break that asshat Tarly’s face? So much better a use of her time than giving Stannis a quick death. For those who haven’t read the books: Tarly has the best example of a face in need of a fist, and he shows his asshat colors most brightly when interacting with Brienne. She owes him a sound beating about the head and shoulders.

While all that is going on, someone points out Alfie Allen staying at a hotel near a harbor where they’re filming Iron Islands scenes. We don’t know whether he’s present in the same scenes as they filmed with the other Ironborn peeps, or even if he’s filming at the same harbor (he’s nearer to Portballintrae, which is near but not interchangeable with Port Ballintoy). So that’s where I’d really like some more clues: what location does that harbor represent where Theon is concerned? Central and northern Westeros don’t lack for harbors, so there are lots of options, but I’m more interested in where Theon has scenes than in who’s playing new characters.