Motivational Poster: Deep Thoughts in the Bath

While Jaime and Brienne are taking their bath at Harrenhal, and he’s sharing the story of how he became the Kingslayer, he asks himself:

I’d say Brienne’s age is in the 18-20 range when we meet her in A Clash of Kings. She’s past the age of majority, but she is hilariously, adorably naive. Which explains a lot about her going off to serve King Renly! Jaime’s in his 30s, and suffering no lack of cynicism. 

And, indeed, Jaime: why ARE you sharing your story with this “ugly absurd child” when you haven’t even told your own siblings? 

2 thoughts on “Motivational Poster: Deep Thoughts in the Bath

  1. Brienne was SUCH a redemptive factor for Jaime in his storyline. Thank goodness he finally had someone to talk to about stuff that he wasn’t going to tell anyone else.

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