Red Pill Redditors hope #AshleyMadison leaks will lead to influx of embittered losers

“Men want young, attractive women”? Is this supposed to be some revolutionary new understanding? Is society supposedly not yet aware of cishet men’s preference for youth and symmetry? I think we’re all pretty well in touch with the fact that young and pretty girls tend to get the most attention from men. No one really denies this. The real revelation will be the dawning realization that a) young and attractive women don’t stay that way forever, and b) while they’re young and attractive, they’re not so interested in spending their time on self-entitled, arrogant, oblivious, misogynist men who quite frankly were never that interesting in the first place. We don’t even want to give our time to such men when we’re older and not so pretty anymore.

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Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag. Take the Blue Pill! The Red Pill turns you into a giant douchebag.

So it’s not just #GamerGaters, 8channers, Gawker editors, and divorce lawyers who are hoping to benefit in a big way from the data dump of illegally hacked user information from, the once (but probably not future) dating site for would-be cheaters.

Over in the Red Pill subreddit, the regulars are hoping it leads to a giant wave of angry, newly redpilled recruits. In a post with nearly 300 upvotes, one Red Piller offers his predictions: 

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