Game of Speculation: Who Might Play Together?

Building off my last Game of Thrones post, now is the time when I speculate about what character pairings we might see interacting in S6. Assuming the parameters are: extant characters, who haven’t been seen interacting before now, or at least not since S1, I have some ideas. Actually I’m just throwing shit at the wall until something sticks, but why not?

We’ve already seen Tyrion get together with Jorah and Dany. S6 is supposed to show us more convergences like that.

I’ve already brought up the possibility of Arya having an encounter with Sam. It would be a fairly close adaptation of the books.

I also shared my idea of Jaime travelling with Littlefinger. They would have Bronn with them, as they still need him to be the muscle, and Jaime still owes him a bride with a castle.

I’ve made the case for Brienne finally getting Sansa under her protection, but as we’ve already seen them interact a little bit, I’m not sure they’re counted among Jeremy Podeswa’s clues for S6. Sansa’s also acquainted with Podrick already. However. Theon has not already encountered Brienne or Podrick, so if he and Sansa join up with them, that would show us a convergence of characters unfamiliar to each other.

Who else might possibly meet up and be entertaining together?

How about Bronn and Yara Greyjoy? Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing ever if she ended up being his noble bride?

Cersei and Dany? Is S6 too early for Dany to invade Westeros?

Jaime and the Freys? I’ve made a soft case for Jaime going through the Riverlands, so an encounter with the Freys is a possibility.

Lord Umber and the Boltons? It occurs to me that we’ll probably see an Umber, but there’s no sign that we’ll see Last Hearth. Maybe Umber shows up at Winterfell and fucks the Boltons’ shit up.

Uncle Kevan and Lady Olenna? Maybe not really a convergence, but it sure would be fun to see them butting heads.

If Jaime does go through the Riverlands, perhaps we’ll see him butt heads with Uncle Brynden Tully? They have an encounter in A Feast for Crows that’s pretty funny.

Yohn Royce and Edmure Tully? Royce is a bannermen to the Arryns, and Lysa Arryn was Edmure Tully’s sister, so Royce may possibly be interested in the fate of the new Lord Tully.

Yohn Royce and the Freys? Which would arguably be the same matter as him dealing with Edmure Tully.

And here’s where I’m going off-parameters a bit: most of us seem to think we’ll see Randyll Tarly in S6, and it seems we’re also getting more of the Sand Snakes, so last night it occurred to me. How about Randyll Tarly being the one who goes after Ellaria Sand and the Snakes to get justice for Princess Myrcella’s murder? Tarly would be an important figure in the Lannister-Tyrell alliance, and I’ve already argued that Uncle Kevan does not want to assign Jaime to go after Myrcella’s killers. But he still needs a capable soldier to do that. Tarly would be a good candidate for the job. In A Feast for Crows, Tarly is first seen in Maidenpool, where he behaves like a towering shitbucket to Brienne, but later he goes to King’s Landing and joins the Small Council as Justiciar.

Back to already-extant characters: how about Uncle Kevan and Prince Doran? I think avoiding war with the Throne is an important enough cause to warrant Doran making a trip up to the Crownlands. Travelling is painful for him, but a war would be worse.