In Which Someone Has Blocked Me On Twitter

I discovered last night that Watchers on the Wall has blocked me on Twitter. I found out when I tried to Favorite a Tweet (which another user I follow had Retweeted).

Um, okay? I’m not saying anything about Freeze Peach, and of course they can block whomever, but what have I done to piss them off?

I may have Retweeted a few of their Tweets with critical or ever-so-slightly-snarky comments, such as:



I think WotW was also the site that showed some pictures of Kit Harington when he clearly did not want to be photographed. I Retweeted their link with a remark that Harington was not consenting to the camera, then I changed my mind, deleted the Retweet, and explained why, though without Tweeting at WotW.

Really, that’s the sum total of my interactions with WotW’s Twitter account. It’s mostly just me pointing to some of their “news” and saying, for the benefit of my friends on Twitter, that it doesn’t quite meet my standards of evidence.

And of course that’s their business. They don’t need a reason. If they want to keep everyone who’s moderately unimpressed with their news from even seeing their Tweets, that’s their choice to make. I just think it says more about them than about me.

This is the look I normally reserve for when I see someone acting like Lannister Twincest is True Love.

This is the look I normally reserve for when I see someone acting like Lannister Twincest is True Love.

They can’t stop me from reading their website, though. Every once in a while they have some news that isn’t also posted at Winter is Coming.

3 thoughts on “In Which Someone Has Blocked Me On Twitter

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been blocked (although I did block an asshat on Twitter, once) but I expect to be banned from some Game of Thrones Facebook groups when my 5-part In Defense of Olly posts come out next Westeros Wednesday.

    I apologize for the shameless plug.

    Anyway, it sounds like you were blocked for entirely bogus reasons. I for one looked forward to your Watchers on the Wall retweets (since I follow you and not them… I can’t follow everyone…)

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