Game of Speculation: More of This, Please!

Remember how I was complaining about piss-poor speculation fodder for Game of Thrones? There’s still plenty of piss-poor stuff going around, but then sometimes we get interesting reports like these sightings of a potential BIG FIRE:

Transcript below.

Transcript below.

First there’s a quote pulled from a Reddit user, who says:

“And as I was walking past the main hangar and the doors were open so I had a cheeky peek in and there was a METRIC SHIT TON of gasoline/petrol. Like I’m talking 20, 20-gallon barrels filled with the stuff. So I thought about it and I’m guessing there’s either going to be a fire in the Red Keep Throne Room (as that set is built in NI), maybe the whole Cersei going Mad King in King’s Landing will lead up to it or it’s simply being used for fuel for the crew vehicles.

Second, there’s a Tweet from Irish Thrones, saying:

“From sources: Small boats seen and an on hand Fire truck (maybe for back up safety support) entering Titanic Studios in Belfast (Iron Throne)”

See, THIS is what I like to see as speculation fodder. Either of these sources could be lying, exaggerating, or misinterpreting what they see. Both of them at the same time, though? Probably not lying.

Between those two reports, I think there’s a viable case for Game of Thrones getting ready to film a really big fire. Are there alternate explanations for each of those reports separately? Sure there are. But it’s also totally possible that the gallons of petrol and the on-hand fire truck are there for the same reason.

Furthermore, I am totally here for the focus on Cersei as the arsonist. Sure, there are other possible scenarios for the big fire (a Bran vision of Rickard and Brandon Stark being killed by the Mad King is a candidate), but there’s already been heavy foreshadowing of Cersei starting a big fire. S4 finale, she tells Tywin she will “burn our House to the ground!” before she lets anyone get between her and Tommen. Early S5, she tells Jaime she will “burn [Dorne’s] cities to the ground if they touch [Myrcella].” Late S5, she tells Tommen she would “burn cities to the ground” to protect him and his sister.

One might get the impression that Cersei is obsessed with burning stuff. Oh, and she’s about to find out her daughter is dead from Ellaria Sand’s lipstick.

Even better, there is an event in the books in which Cersei has her pyromancers set a great big fire. They stuff the Tower of the Hand with wildfire and light it up right after Tommen and Margaery’s wedding. It’s shortly after Tywin’s death, and so burning the Tower is like a ceremonial goodbye to her father. We’re well past that stage on the show, but they could have a similar event in a different context, and it’s the sort of thing that would look awesome on TV.

IF they are indeed planning a big fire for S6, and IF Cersei is indeed the responsible party, then I think it’ll most likely happen late in the season. Right now, Cersei is awaiting a trial by combat, and she has been thoroughly stripped of power. If she wants to fuck shit up, she’ll do it from behind the scenes. She’s no longer in a position to fuck shit up through the usual channels. I’m sure she will carry on with fucking shit up from behind the scenes, but she needs to avoid drawing attention to herself until her trial by combat. To paraphrase Lady Olenna: Cersei may be vicious, but she is not THAT stupid. I don’t think she’ll be so foolhardy as to set something big and important on fire while her life, freedom and honor hang in the balance.

After her trial by combat, however, is a different matter. If Ser Robert Strong wins (which is totally possible, as he is the Mountain reanimated) and she’s found innocent, she may decide to do something rash like get her enemies together and burn them all. Just throwing out ideas, here. Or, if Ser Robert Strong loses (which is also possible, as the Mountain nearly lost to skinny little Oberyn Martell) and Cersei is found guilty, then she will have little time left alive, she’ll have nothing to lose and everything to burn, and she may decide to take her enemies (whether perceived or actual) down with her.

With all that said, I don’t think S6 is the time for Cersei to die. She needs to outlive Tommen, and the last two seasons would be a better time for him to meet his end. As we’re getting 8 or more (!!!) seasons, 6 is still a bit too early to kill him. Win or lose her trial by combat, Cersei isn’t done quite yet. I have certain ideas about her likely cause of death, and her lighting the biggest fire King’s Landing has ever seen would mesh well with those ideas, but for S6, her pyromania will not quite be the death of her.