PUA douchebag Heartiste: “A typical American fatty has no chance against a sexbot with a pretty face [and] a slender BMI.”

These guys are more than welcome to their bots. Maybe then they’ll finally stop bothering us. I’ll be over here with my fellow fat bitches, eating the most delicious cake.

we hunted the mammoth

Sexbots: The early years Sexbots: The early years

The success of the Channel 4 renegade-robot drama Humans — playing on AMC in the US — has gotten people talking again about what some see as the key question of our time:

Robots: How soon can we start having sex with them?

One of the more ardent cheerleaders of the coming “sexbotopia” is our old friend Heartiste, the floridly racist and woman-hating “pickup guru.” Weirdly, given his enthusiasm for the subject, he doesn’t seem all that interested in indulging in robot love himself. But he can’t stop chortling about the potential misery he thinks sexbots will cause for non-robot women.

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