These are the things I need to know!

BIG news for Game of Thrones fans. Especially big news for obsessive nerds like your blogger. THE FIRST big thing is that the show will run at least eight seasons, according to HBO President Michael Lombardo.

Yeah, this is MAJOR news. I don’t know whether giving the show more time will allow them to bring in more material derived from the books, or to diverge even farther from GRRMartin’s storytelling, but either way, when I make predictions, I need to know how much more time the show has before it needs to reach its conclusion. If it’s not going to be the penultimate season, that affects what events are likely to take place in S6.

With that in mind, I’m still mostly confident about my predictions for Team Sansa, except for what happens to them late in the season. If Sansa has another two or more years to make things happen following the end of S6, then I’m even less confident about their itinerary, particularly my idea of them heading up to Last Hearth.

Right now I’m working on a prediction article for Jaime. It’s complicated. It’s nowhere near as straightforward as it was for Brienne and Sansa and their guys, and you may have noticed I put a lot of work into that, yes? I’m not saying Jaime’s article will be longer than that (y’all had better hope it’s not), but his next moves are especially tricky to pin down. Having more seasons makes him even more challenging, but at least I know what kind of challenge it is.

The other big news is this:

Oh, dear. Below the Tweet, everyone’s talking about how they’ve already pirated the fuck out of the season, but my question is: will the digital download include audio commentaries? Because if so, that makes it VERY different from having illegally downloaded the episodes from HBO. If I can start listening to the audio commentaries starting August 31st, that’s something. Some of these actors, directors and writers have interesting things to say! They don’t come out and say, “And this is what we’re doing next year!” but sometimes they give additional insight into what’s happening in the episode in question, which helps me clarify my speculation on future seasons. If you have the DVDs and haven’t watched any episodes with the commentary tracks on, I recommend you give some a try.