Put the cameras AWAY.

I saw something on one of those main sites for Game of Thrones news that bugged me today. It was more material on the “Hair Watch” of Jon Snow, in which fans painstakingly document every appearance by Kit Harington in Belfast, and keep track of his hair length. I may have participated a bit in this business myself, so I’m not in a position to throw very large stones.

This much does bug me, though, and this is why I’m not posting a link to the article in question: there were a couple of photos of Kit Harington clearly not wanting his picture taken. They’re blurry, but not too blurry to let us see his facial expression, which is obviously not consenting to the camera. I Tweeted about the article early today, then it finally occurred to me that I was adding to the problem by sharing the link with the photos. I deleted the Tweet and explained why.

If we really treated celebrities appropriately, we wouldn’t even insist on taking their pictures without their knowledge, but as I have already done my part to talk about Kit and his man-bun showing up in Belfast, I’m not in a position to criticize. That ship has sailed, with me on it. When they can see you whipping out the camera, though, and are clearly communicating that they don’t want to be photographed? Then put the damn camera away and back off. Everyone is allowed to have boundaries, including famous actors on popular TV shows. Even the most positive attention can get exhausting after a while, and Kit Harington has clearly passed that point. He should not have to be on his guard every time he leaves the set.

Also, if you run a popular fansite, and you post pictures that were very obviously taken over the actor’s objections, you’re part of the problem. Stop rewarding people for violating boundaries.