Game of Cliffhangers, Follow-Up on Littlefinger

Remember my speculation post on Littlefinger? I have a tiny bit (maybe even a little finger’s worth?) of material to work with. I saw this on Twitter:


Tweet by Josephine Gillan: "Not leading roll but you will be seeing me in #gameofthronesseason6 #alwaysnaked

Tweet by Josephine Gillan: “Not leading roll [sic] but you will be seeing me in #gameofthronesseason6 #alwaysnaked xx

You may recognize Ms. Gillan from her playing Marei (as in her Twitter name), a sex worker at Littlefinger’s brothel. She was one of the three who gave Podrick his first experience in S3, and joined Olyvar for a session with Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand in S4. I don’t quite remember her appearing in S5, but anyway. Now she tells us she’ll be back in S6!

I followed her account, she said hi to me, and I figured: can’t possibly hurt to ask for confirmation that the brothel is reopening! She declined to give confirmation, citing a no-spoilers policy. I don’t think I was asking her for spoilers. A spoiler would be if I had announced in early April that Maester Aemon dies of old age, Jon Snow gets stabbed in a mutiny, or that Cersei gets herself into a world of shit with the Faith as a consequence of her screwing Margaery over. THOSE are spoilers. All I’m seeking here is a bit of speculation fodder. And, honestly, Ms. Gillan has given me speculation fodder. She’s basically answered the question.

Tweet by Josephine Gillan: "#season5stillalive #season6stillridingdicks #BabesofThrones #GameofThrones

Tweet by Josephine Gillan: “#season5stillalive #season6stillridingdicks @BabesofThrones #GameofThrones @GameofThrones @XGameofThrones 

Here’s the thing: if a character whom we know as a sex worker at Littlefinger’s brothel is coming back for S6, and she’s “always naked” and “still riding dicks,” that probably means she’s hard at work, and if she’s at work, that probably means Littlefinger is reopening his brothel. It’s the Occam’s Razor-friendly explanation. Marei is a very minor character, and it’s much simpler storytelling to have the brothel re-open than to have her strike out on her own.

And I can’t extrapolate all that much from Marei coming back. We’ve already seen that Littlefinger’s brothel operates just fine without him in it. But I’m pretty sure this means that he’s cleaning the place up and putting his whores back to work. I don’t know what this means about the amount of time Littlefinger spends in King’s Landing in S6. What it does tell us is that Littlefinger isn’t going to let a bunch of dirty Sparrows keep him from running his business. He’s still invested in having some presence in King’s Landing. The Sparrows can’t stop sex workers from plying their trade.