Someone is trying to keep us in the Snow.

(I just thought of that pun, maybe 3 second before beginning this post. I deserve to be pun-ished.)

An addendum to what I said yesterday about Kit Harington’s latest appearance in Belfast: maybe he’s not just tired of fans taking selfies with him after all.

There’s another post with basically the same news at Winter is Coming, but this time they include a screenshot of someone’s Facebook post, with a very blurry shot of Kit Harington and his man-bun. The user says, in so many words: “Literally just shook (jon snow) kit Harringtons hand and he said he’s not allowed pics but it was nice to meet us!”

Well then. If he did indeed say he’s “not allowed pics,” while otherwise acting as friendly as this fan says (and it’s possible the fan is embellishing a bit), that is interesting. If he is walking around Belfast at the same time as all the other cast members are showing up, and being pleasant to fans while telling them he’s not allowed to take pictures with them, that probably means he’s still on Game of Thrones for S6, and not just as a corpse, but the producers want to keep his presence a secret. And they’re doing a lousy job of it. We can all see him. Either get the guy a better disguise (read: any disguise at all) or just admit that Jon Snow isn’t staying dead for long.