Putting a Story Idea Out There

Don’t ask me how this idea came about, but I’ve just thought of the coolest premise for a little sci-fi story: suppose someone found a way to install extra time in the day.

How many people would have access to this exciting new innovation? And what would they do with their extra hours? What would be the dark side of being able to create more time for yourself?

I’m putting the idea here because some other writer may be able to do good things with it. I’d keep it for myself, except I don’t have the time to take on any new projects.

1 thought on “Putting a Story Idea Out There

  1. The book “Singularity” by William Sleator does explore that idea from the standpoint of identical twins who discover a place where the properties of time are altered. It leads to some very interesting results. It is a fairly quick read and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes this kind of thought exploration.

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