Bran’s coming back in Season 6! You know it!

Of course he is, but now we have confirmation from Isaac Hampstead-Wright:

“I can’t say a lot, but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran,” Wright said. “He has some interesting visions.”

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I was just doing some write-doodling (wroodling?) on my morning commute a few days ago, concerning possible opening scenes for Season 6. Yes, this is the sort of thing I do to occupy my brain when I’m between Internet connections in the morning.

So I did a run-down of the opening sequence for each season thus far, and asked: what have we not seen yet? What seems to be coming up next? We’ve so far had two north-of-the-Wall openings (1 and 3), two in King’s Landing (2 and 4), three Lannister-centric openings (2, 4 and 5), two concerning the Night’s Watch. So far we haven’t had an opening scene that centers on the Starks.

I think the most likely opening sequence for Season 6 will be Bran Stark, wrapped up in his tree, having some visions concerning the White Walkers! Let me ‘splain below:

The events of Season 5 showed us that the goings-on north of the Wall are a matter of life and death for all the Seven Kingdoms, and that the Lannisters have lost nearly all their power as a political entity. And yet, their situation can still get worse! At this point in the story, they’re very much on the down-swing.

Meanwhile, the Starks are at the point at which shit is either getting better or it can’t possibly get any worse, except by their deaths, and they’re not going to die just yet. Arya is being humiliated by her mentors at the House of Black and White, but it’s a learning experience for her. Sansa has finally reached that base point of existence at which basically any change in her situation that hasn’t happened to her before, she’ll likely regard as an improvement. At the same time, some shit has actually gotten better for Sansa. She’s out of Littlefinger’s grip! She knows how bad the Boltons are, and she has escaped from them, too! She’s forged a new connection with Theon, and found out that her little brothers may still be alive. She knows she’s capable of pushing back against her abusers in some ways other than just being super-sweet and courteous all the time. In some subtle, very important ways, good things are happening to Sansa for the first time since Season 1. Did I mention she’s finally out of Littlefinger’s grip?

The remaining Stark boys have been out of sight for a while, but with that in mind, we can safely assume shit hasn’t gotten any worse for them. Rickon is safely hanging out on Skagos with Osha, and Bran is wrapped up in a tree and working on his warging skills. He has an enviable support system: Summer, Hodor, Meera Reed and Leaf. And now we have Isaac Hampstead-Wright assuring us that he’s having some interesting visions!

At the same time, there was some really serious shit going on with the White Walkers and their army of the undead. If the people of the Seven Kingdoms don’t get their shit together regarding the land beyond the Wall, they’re all fucked sideways with a rusty spear. And the Night’s Watch just killed their Lord Commander, who actually understood what a serious problem the White Walkers are, and was willing to get the Free Folk out of harm’s way. Clearly, the Seven Kingdoms need help they’re not getting from the Watch. Bran has become a much more vital character since we last saw him.

With that unwieldy wall of text in mind (and I could have written more), I think the most likely way to open Season 6 will be with Bran Stark. We’ll see how he’s doing with that warg training! We’ll see a glimpse or two of his visions! It’ll be the first time we get an opening scene focused on the Starks, and the significance will be: this is what humanity is up against. This is what they have to deal with, or face annihilation.

It’s also possible we’ll open with Dany, taken captive by Khal Pono’s khalasar. Or there are some other options that are not even entering my brain. The point of this post is, that over the last season, the situation changed in such a way that Bran became an especially important character, and the remaining Stark children are finally getting to a position where they can start pulling themselves together.