I Love Search Terms: Maiden Cloaks

It’s the little things. Proving that I am in no danger of running out of Game of Thrones-related stuff to talk about between seasons, today I see this in my WordPress stats:

  • no wolf cloak for sansa marriage to tyrion

No, they didn’t show Sansa wearing a wolf cloak for her wedding to Tyrion.

The show appears to have discarded the concept of the maiden cloak, which symbolizes the bride’s House before her marriage. They also appear to have simplified the bridal cloak, which the groom drapes over the bride’s shoulders after she’s removed the maiden cloak. Sansa does not wear a maiden cloak to her Lannister wedding, and for that matter there’s no sign of a maiden cloak at her Bolton wedding, either. We see Margaery Tyrell go through two weddings, and she doesn’t wear a maiden cloak to either of them. I don’t think Roslin Frey wore a cloak to her Tully wedding, either.

I suspect the show has changed the bridal cloak to a relative simple thing, and chucked out the maiden cloak altogether, because it would take a lot of work to make them look good.

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