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Someone found this blog today by searching for this question:

  • what happened to sanza’s mother cousin who got merried while rob was killed

That was the wedding of Catelyn Stark’s brother, Edmure Tully, to Walder Frey’s pretty daughter Roslin. We haven’t heard anything about them since Season 3, so sure, I’ll answer the question directly.

While Cat and Robb and their bannermen were being slaughtered, Edmure was bedding his bride. They had some musicians outside the bedchamber so that Edmure wouldn’t hear the massacre going on in the great hall, but Roslin knew what was going on, and she didn’t like it one bit. She was weeping while Edmure fucked her, and he thought it was because she was overcome with joy. He knows better now. Also, Roslin is pregnant and hoping for a girl. If she has a boy, her family will have no reason to keep Edmure alive.

After the killing was finished, Edmure was taken prisoner by the Freys. Catelyn and Edmure’s uncle, Ser Brynden Tully, has been holding Riverrun against the Iron Throne’s forces since then, and he’s a tough nut to crack. The small council has stripped Edmure Tully of his lands and incomes and granted Riverrun to Walder Frey’s second son, Emmon, who is married to Tywin Lannister’s sister Genna. But before Lord Emmon and Lady Genna can take over their new castle, they need to get Ser Brynden out. The Freys have been threatening to hang Edmure, in an attempt to force Ser Brynden to surrender the castle, ever since the wedding, but they’re not actually going to hang him, and Ser Brynden isn’t going to surrender the castle.

Eventually, Jaime Lannister travels up to Riverrun with his Iron Throne troops and comes up with a solution: he takes Edmure away from the Freys and offers him a chance to surrender the castle without bloodshed. Either he persuades Ser Brynden to give up the castle, in which case Ser Brynden is allowed to join the Night’s Watch, Edmure becomes a captive at Casterly Rock, where his wife and child will soon join him, and everyone else is allowed to walk away unharmed, or he doesn’t persuade Ser Brynden to surrender, in which case Jaime’s host will destroy the castle.

It’s actually a very sweet deal for Edmure, but he nearly fucks it up by trying to pull one over on Jaime Lannister. He goes into the castle, and he persuades Uncle Brynden to hand Riverrun over to the Freys, but he also allows Uncle Brynden to escape, so he doesn’t join the Night’s Watch and he’s still a threat to the Iron Throne’s hold on the Riverlands. This makes Jaime very angry. Ultimately, Edmure confesses that his uncle escaped by swimming out of the castle in the dead of night, and Jaime sends him to Casterly Rock with an especially large escort.

So, there you go: Cat’s brother Edmure was held prisoner by the Freys for months, and he’s now held in comfortable captivity at Casterly Rock, and waiting for his pretty little wife and new baby to join him.

(I suspect their child will be good-looking but not too bright.)

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  1. I’m often entertained by the search strings that intersect my blog, which is largely Game of Thrones related:

    – jon snow is incomprehensible
    – who is littlefinger real motive who is he
    – why is theon disliked?
    – does catelyn love jon snow

    And my latest favorite:

    – why isn’t stannis baratheon more popular

      • :-)

        Historically, Theon and Stannis compete for #1 and #2 as the subject of most-read-blog-posts (at least, in the set of my blog posts, I have no data on the complete domain of Game of Thrones blogging.)

        I mean, I guess they’re fascinating characters.

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