Of Game of Thrones and Google Translate

I see that someone has used Google Translate to make one of my I Enjoy This Too Much posts readable in Finnish, and someone else has used it to translate my “Ramsay Makes Fat Jokes” post to Hindi. This is how Game of Thrones brings people from lots of different cultures and linguistic backgrounds together. I can see it in my WordPress stats. 

So my question is: does it work?

I once tried using Google to translate a Swedish legal document to English, and it was awful. The result was complete word salad. I don’t exactly write my Game of Thrones posts with translation in mind. My prose style is more about showing what a raging smartass I am, and my smartassery doesn’t necessarily do so well outside of English. I can’t read the first thing in Finnish or Hindi, so I can’t tell how well my posts come out through Google Translate. (If someone tried to put them in Spanish or Albanian, I might be able to see if the results made sense.) 

Does Google Translate give a comprehensible result with my writing style, I wonder?