Today in Search Terms: Trystane and Myrcella


I see this phrase in the search terms in my WordPress stats today:

“trystane reaction to myrcella death”

So far, we haven’t seen his reaction. I’m sure he’ll be devastated, as he seemed to be truly in love with his pretty Lannister girl. Excuse me: “Baratheon.” But we didn’t see any more of Trystane, once they were in the boat to sail back to King’s Landing. He wasn’t in the cabin when Myrcella died.

If you’re wondering how his reaction goes in the books: NOPE, can’t help you there. Myrcella at this stage of the books is younger and still very much alive. There were some shenanigans with her, arranged by Trystane’s older sister Arianne (who apparently doesn’t exist on the show), which resulted in Myrcella losing an ear, but that’s a less devastating dismemberment than Jaime’s, and he’s still functioning. I’m sure Myrcella won’t survive the series, as Cersei and all her children are doomed, but so far the Sand Snakes aren’t making any attempts on her life.

How Trystane responds to his beloved fiancee’s death is anyone’s guess. I’m sure he’ll do something inappropriate that causes needless problems, and yet the consequences for that lashing-out will be obviously unfair and disproportionate. I think the bigger question is what Cersei will do to him when he shows up in King’s Landing with her daughter’s corpse.