Season 5 Finale Posting Spree, Part 6: Game of Cliffhangers

You thought my last post was the end of the spree? It ain’t over until I go home and drink myself into a stupor in the middle of screencapping Jaime. I keep lots of red wine at home and Cersei doesn’t get to have ANY of it.

But seriously. There were a lot of cliffhangers in Mother’s Mercy, yes? What questions did the episode deliberately leave unanswered?

How does Trystane Martell react to Myrcella’s death?

How does Cersei react to Myrcella’s death? Especially as concerns Jaime?

How does Jaime react to Cersei’s arrest?

Does Jaime even return to King’s Landing at all?

What condition are Theon and Sansa in now? (I’m fairly sure they’re not dead.)

How does Brienne react when she finds out she missed the candle in the broken tower while she was going after Stannis, and in the meantime her lady’s daughter jumped off the wall of Winterfell?

What does Melisandre do with herself now that she’s ditched Stannis, and Jon Snow has been stabbed to death?

What does Davos do with himself when he finds out his king burned the princess alive, and still lost everything?

How does Dany survive being surrounded by what looks like all the Dothraki in the known world?

What kind of trouble will Daario and Jorah get into while they’re out looking for Dany?

What kind of shit is Tyrion about to unleash on Meereen, with Varys and his little birds on his side?

I’m sure I’ll think of more questions before I leave for home.

And even if I do drink myself into a stupor in the middle of screencapping Jaime, I can always pick up again tomorrow.