Season 5 finale posting spree, Part 4: How dead is he?


I have some quotes from some important guys regarding one of those deaths we saw on Game of Thrones last night.

There seems to be a little schism regarding Jon Snow. GRRMartin wants us to wonder about his death, which suggests he won’t stay dead. Dan Weiss, meanwhile, wants the record to show that Jon is really dead.

From GRRMartin, back in 2011:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So why did you kill Jon Snow?
GEORGE R.R. MARTIN: Oh, you think he’s dead, do you?

Well, I guess. Yes. That’s how I took it. The way it was written, it sounded like he was mortally wounded – and, you know, it’s you!
Well. I’m not going to address whether he’s dead or not. But as to why – didn’t you think the text established why they would want to assassinate him?

Yeah, here’s the thing. I’m also a novelist, and when I’ve killed off a character, I don’t talk about their death in such ambiguous terms. Based on the deliberate ambiguity in Martin’s language here, I really, really do not think Jon is staying dead.

At least not in the books.

From Dan B. Weiss, just now:

When asked point-blank of Snow is firmly gone—as in, is actor Kit Harington released from his Thrones contract?—showrunner Dan Weiss told EW, “Dead is dead.”

“We would hope that after seeing the scene and the way it’s shot that the answer to that will be unambiguous in the minds of the people watching it,” Weiss explained. “It should be pretty clear what happens in by the time you’re done seeing that scene. It’s not an, ‘Oh what just happened scene?’”

We won’t be seeing Jon in Season 6. But we’ll still see more of him in the books. He still has a role to play, and it’ll be an important one.

And with that in mind, I won’t rule out Jon coming back in Season 7.