Good question in Search Terms

One of the search terms that led someone to this blog today was:

  • how will sansa treat littlefinger after the rape by ramsay

Interesting question, isn’t it?

TBQH, I don’t think Sansa is all that surprised that Ramsay violated her the way he did. I think she knew it would happen, and accepted it as part of the price of whatever she was hoping to accomplish when she accepted Littlefinger’s plan to put her back at Winterfell.

Episode 6 not only gave us Sansa’s second wedding night, but also Littlefinger’s discussion with Cersei, in which he promises to get the lion flying over Winterfell.

So then the real blow-up waiting to happen between Littlefinger and his Little Bird is what she’ll do when she figures out whatever the fuck it is that he’s trying to accomplish with her castle, and how she fits into his plan.

If someone sent her a raven, after the wedding night, disclosing the conversation that Lord Baelish had with the Queen Mother, I think she’d be ready to fuck his shit up, but of course Littlefinger is not so sloppy as to allow any witnesses to such a sensitive meeting.

The consequences to Littlefinger depend on several factors: a) If and when Sansa finds out what role he’s playing in the fight over Winterfell (I think she’ll find out eventually), b) where she is when he next shows his slimy face in the North, c) whether she’s in charge of her castle or a captive of King Stannis, and d) how many and what quality of people she has on her side. If she accepts the services of Team Sansa by then, for example, and Stannis doesn’t have them all under lock and key, then Littlefinger will want to stay the fuck away from Winterfell, lest he should come down with a nasty case of Oathkeeper through bowels.