Oddly enough, I’ve had worse commutes.

There was a fire at Rosslyn Metro today. Rosslyn is where I normally get off the train to go to work. The practical upshot for all us commuters was that the trains twiddled their thumbs at each station between L’Enfant Plaza and Foggy Bottom (a stretch that covers a wide swath of downtown DC) before offloading us at Foggy Bottom (the last stop in the city before we cross the river into Virginia), where we waited for shuttle buses across the street.

It could’ve been a lot worse. There were no screaming toddlers in the train car, I didn’t have to wait TOO long for a shuttle, I got a seat on the bus, and the weather this morning is quite nice.

However, the whole ordeal made me late for work by an hour, and that’s a much more serious problem for some people than others. I think WMATA would do well to put more resources into things like, preventing shit like this from happening in the first place, and having more shuttle buses at the scene when this shit can’t be prevented. Less into shiny new train cars that look like a scene from The Jetsons.