Random Impressions from last night’s Game of Thrones

It’s sweet to see that Stannis is a loving father who cares that much about his daughter. It’s interesting that he cares about her so much more than his wife does. You know who else is a loving parent, though? Cersei Lannister. That Stannis was willing to go to a lot of trouble to keep his baby daughter alive doesn’t make him a kind man. His going the distance for the survival of his child makes him human and relatable, but it doesn’t make him an especially sympathetic character.

Melisandre is also demanding to be included in the march. Because of course she is. There’ll be people at Winterfell that she wants to burn.

ETA, 5/5/15: Another thought occurs to me regarding Stannis and his peeps. I’m pretty sure Melisandre is planning to burn Shireen. As Stannis is a loving father who will go to great pains to keep his child out of an early grave, he won’t be happy about his Red Woman tying his little girl up to a pyre. That’ll throw a monkey wrench into King Stannis’s campaign.

Jon is increasingly under pressure to join the march on Winterfell, too. If he knew Sansa was there and about to be forced into bed with Ramsay, I think he’d go. It’s cool that he prioritizes his duties with the Night’s Watch, though.

Melisandre seduces Jon, and this time, he’s struggling. Oh, yes, he really, really loves the sight of her naked body. He has a thing for redheads. But he refuses, because he’s still in love with Ygritte. Which is sweet, but…really, Jon? Maybe you’re just trying to keep in control, because if that’s how you feel, then yes, it’s best not to get between the Red Woman’s legs.

Did she just say “You know nothing, Jon Snow”? Seriously? What a piece of work.

If Cersei’s plan in unleashing the Faith Militant is to drive a wedge between Tommen and Margaery rather than keep the realm safe and healthy, then she’s doing a great job. Not exactly surprising that she makes fucking with the Tyrells a higher priority than serving her people.

Littlefinger plans to be in King’s Landing at the time of Sansa’s marriage to Ramsay fucking Bolton. It finally occurs to me: is it possible that Littlefinger actually doesn’t know what kind of person Ramsay is? Does he really think he’s a pretty normal guy, and Sansa will be able to charm him into treating her nicely? How is it possible, though, that he doesn’t know Ramsay is a rampaging sadist? He’s not known for being uninformed or trusting. He knows that Stannis is coming to Winterfell, so he hasn’t suddenly become oblivious to current events. And he’s counting on Sansa to seduce Ramsay just in case Stannis fails to take over. Which is, still, an incredibly dangerous thing to do to a defenseless girl.

Aaaaand, there’s the mouth-kissing¬†again. Creepy fucker.

Whether Littlefinger’s absence makes Sansa more unsafe or more able to get real help when shit finally gets real, I’m not sure. I’m sure she feels more vulnerable in his absence, though.