AVFM: “Good women have abortions. So do a lot of … heartless slugs who won’t use birth control or keep their legs closed.”

As part of my “they still want us to…” line of posts: they still want us to open our legs. They still want us to terminate pregnancies…on their terms. They want us to use birth control, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them. They want us to give birth when they want to keep us dependent and beholden, but then they act like state-mandated paternity-based child support is the most oppressive thing that civilization ever invented.

Most of all, they really really want us to open our legs. Then they want to condemn us for having opened our legs for too many men before them.

we hunted the mammoth

Lovely. Lovely.

This, er, thoughtful meme is from A Voice for Men’s Facebook page, where it’s received 207 “likes” so far.

AVFM, don’t ever change. Just continue revealing to the world what a bunch of hateful, spiteful, misogynistic children you are.

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