Oh, I’ll bet you say that to all the girls!

No, really, I assume this user wrote up this message and shot-gunned it to dozens of bi women all at once. 

I’m a not-skinny bisexual redhead, and I’m looking for someone who can go to the trouble of writing a message that shows they’ve actually read my profile. If I added a line to my profile saying, “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF A THREESOME,” I wonder if these messages would stop. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with couples using dating sites to find threesome partners! It’s not a role I want to play, but surely there are some people out there who’d like to play with couples? And maybe even say so in their dating profiles? Either way, surely these couples would have better luck in finding their threesome partners if they took the time to write to people individually. I’ve received messages from plenty of couples looking for another woman to join them for hot three-ways, and they’re all like this!  I can tell when I’m getting the same message as every other decent-looking bi woman within a certain age range and geographical radius, and it feels insulting. We’re not interchangeable.