Occasionally, a novelist should read someone else’s novels.

What am I up to, fiction-wise?

Suicide is for Mortals is now going out to advance readers. I am in the process of arranging for help with marketing and publicity. That’ll take some time, and I could go ahead and charge into writing the next book, or I could allow my brain a little airing-out between novels. Which means reading something else for a while.

In the last several weeks, I finally succumbed to the gravitational pull of A Song of Ice and Fire. First came the first season of the show, then I had to get the next two seasons, and while I wait for the fourth season to come out on DVD (no HBO in this house, in fact no TV), I am reading the later books. I read the episode summaries of Season 4 on Wikipedia, so I know more or less what happens. I’m now mostly finished with A Feast for Crows, which means I know what will happen in Season 5 and much of Season 6, most likely.

Which means I am full of spoilers. Do you want to know what happens to Cersei? What Littlefinger’s up to? What’s going on with Loras Tyrell? What kind of tricks Jaime has up his sleeve? No? Not ahead of schedule or out of context? Then don’t piss me off.

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