Dr. Carson is Not Even Wrong.

This could’ve gone a lot worse.

(Note: I felt the same way about watching Tiny Furniture.)

Someone invited Dr. Ben Carson, the brain surgeon who dazzles with his wrongness, to talk about the Ferguson demonstrations and Mike Brown’s death. What he had to say was simply more Status Quo Enforcement, which is what they wanted from him in the first place:

“Certainly in a lot of our inner cities, in particular the black inner cities, where 73 percent of the young people are born out of wedlock, the majority of them have no father figure in their life. Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority. So now you become a teenager, you’re out there, you really have no idea how to respond to authority, you eventually run into the police or you run into somebody else in the neighborhood who also doesn’t know how to respond but is badder than you are, and you get killed or you end up in the penal system,” Carson said.

“If the so-called leaders were really interested in the community, they would be trying to deal with that problem, because that’s happening every single day,” he added.

It’s actually not Dr. Carson who dragged feminism into this discussion. That was the radio host, Lauren Kitchen Stewards, who decided to blame the women’s movement of the 60s for kids these days being so selfish. She’s conflating a lot of social changes that probably ought not to be conflated, but ultimately, both of them are pointing to a lack of youthful deference to authority as the real problem, rather than abuse of power by police forces. The idea doesn’t occur to them that perhaps they should be asking what’s wrong with the Darren Wilsons of the world before they get started on the Mike Browns.

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