The grand jury in St. Louis declined to put Ofc. Darren Wilson on trial for the murder of Mike Brown. Far more capable people than I are writing about all the ways that decision is a steaming pile of horseshit, but plenty more of us are here to answer the question: just how bad were the supposed injuries that Darren Wilson showed us in photographs to explain why he had to shoot Mike Brown? That’s where Twitter comes in handy. Here’s a Storify with plenty of answers to that question. I show up in the Storify, but I will also share with you some other contributions I made to that discussion which people seemed to appreciate.

Outside the tag, but Feminista Jones gives us a good introduction to the absurdity of Ofc. Wilson’s supposed photographic evidence of a violent assault by Mike Brown:

(Really. Take a look at the photo.)

(I’m exaggerating a little. But still; what we see on the back of Darren Wilson’s neck is not a sign of any physical engagement with another person.)

This one’s not my contribution, but let’s not forget:

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  1. Actually, that thing on his neck looks like what we call a “stork bite” in German. A series of red marks on the neck (hence the name, it’s where the stork bit you when it delivered you). I got one, my husband does, my kids do. Not an injury at fucking all.

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