Frats are under seige by drunken women, warns overgrown, overtan frat man on

Here’s the thing, Bill Frezza: your precious frat bros WANT those drunken females around. They want those females to be present, and in many cases they actively pressure/manipulate/coerce those women to drink in excess. Don’t fucking expect us to believe those women were not enthusiastically invited into those frat houses, or that they deliberately get as hammered as possible over the brothers’ protests. Oh, and you’re an asshole in every possible way. People like you are the reason why fraternities have such a bad reputation. Go on, keep telling those poor misunderstood guys that the problem with encouraging excessive alcohol consumption is false rape allegations rather than alcohol poisoning or drunk driving.

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Frat boys know how to handle their liquor Frat boys know how to handle their liquor

We learned earlier today that evil females are trying to destroy one of the few remaining safe spaces for men in our culture – professional football. Now we learn that evil drunk females have their blurry sights set on another man space: College fraternities.

The brave soul bringing this crucial information to the men of the world? The impressively tan frat man Bill Frezza, who presented his case in a post on with the subtle title

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