You should not be raiding the Little Free Library for a quick buck.

Oh, now really, book-lovers? Really? Who does this shit?

This type of thing is, sadly, more common than you’d expect. I’ve read multiple posts and heard some sad stories about Little Free Libraries getting raided and having their books sold at used bookstores and such. I’ve even heard some REALLY sad stories about the libraries themselves being stolen. I’m glad that this is the first (and hopefully only) time this has happened to my library, but it’s really frustrating.

There are people who take books out of Little Free Libraries and sell them to used bookstores.

This is not cool. It is really, really not cool.

If a book is put into the “read books for free” system, it should stay in some sort of free-reading system. I don’t think it’s a problem if the occasional neighbor takes a book or two out of an LFL and likes it so much they keep it in their private collection, but they should not get money for that book. Do not steal from your community to make a few dollars at the used bookstore, you rampaging assholes. Maybe pass it on to a friend who hasn’t seen the LFL. Maybe put it in a different LFL. Maybe even donate it to the local public library, but don’t fucking sell it when you didn’t buy it in the first place and nobody gave it to you as a gift.